Pablo Estefó

Pablo Estefó


I’m Pablo Estefó, a PhD Student in Computer Science from Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Chile. I’m also a member of RyCh research group.

I obtained my bachelor’s degree at Universidad de Chile in 2011. In parallel I worked on the project Refactoring Unit Tests with TestSurgeon under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Alexandre Bergel. This work not only allowed me to obtain my professional degree (Computer Science Engineer), but also got the 1st place in the ACM Student Research Competition (Undergrad Category) in the 34th International Conference on Software Engineer (ICSE) held in Zürich, Switzerland.

My first approximation to software engineering for robotics was in 2014 in a 6-months internship at the Components, Agents, and Robots with Dynamic Languages lab of the École des Mines de Douai in the north of France. There I worked in projects involved in exercising demos with the Robulab robot using the Robot Operating System (ROS) and PhaROS a Pharo Smalltalk binding for ROS. I was under supervision of Prof. Dr. Noury Bouraqadi and Prof. Dr. Luc Fabresse.

Back in Chile and after winning the Beca de Doctorado Nacional from CONICYT, I started my PhD in Computer Science under supervision of Prof. Dr. Johan Fabry and Prof. Dr. Romain Robbes as my co-advisor. I became the administrator of the PR2 robot and worked mainly on code duplication of ROS artifacts. After Prof. Fabry left the academy, the Prof. Dr. Jocelyn Simmonds became my advisor. Nowadays I’m working on my Thesis Proposal which cover topics related to the software reuse in the ROS community.

Research interests

Research Interests

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