Social Media Impocalypse (v4)

This release adds a lot of social media icons and introduces a new default layout. It also breaks things, hence a new major release number.

## Breaking * Structure of `_config.yml` has changed * Social media usernames are now located under `author: social:: `. * `disqus` is now a top-level entry (moved from `author`). * Now has `font`, `font_accent` and `google_fonts` fields that are mandatory. * Now defaults to the `blog` layout, old style is available via `blog-by-tag` layout, see `archive.html`. **NOTE**: This post is outdated and only included for legacy reasons. See the [Documentation][docs] for up-to-date instructions. {:.message} ## New features * Added *a lot* of social media icons, configurable via `_config.yml`. * New `blog` layout. Classic, paginated. * Fonts are configurable via `_config.yml`. ## Design * Link underlines are now fixed-sized for all font sizes (no thicker lines for headlines, etc) ## Fixes * Correctly set the meta description field using either the `description` field or `post.excerpt` as a fallback (used to contain the unmodified markdown). * Fixed various URL bugs relating to `site.baseurl`. ## Internal * Refactoring, preventing code duplications, heavier usage of `includes`. *** [Get *Social Media Impocalypse* on GitHub]( [docs]:

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